How Discounts and Coupons Changed Our Buying Attitude

Discounts always ring a bell in our mind. It means you can purchase a product at lower price than its original price. Whenever we see or hear the discount on any product, we somehow become more interested in that product and companies will take the benefit of this human behavioural pattern. In fact bargain offers are now becoming an important part of marketing. Every company whether it is a foreign or domestic, give offers on their products to increase their sales more.
As people now in recent times prefer buying things on sale, discounts surely works as a best method to attract more people in the store. Offering potential offers on items is a quick way to easily draw people’s attention into your store. Everytime you tell a customer that he can save money, you can get his attention. These not only help the shoppers, but also help sellers to expand their business more. It is the one ingredient which can bring success to business, it easily increased sales and also helps to improve reputation of the company.

Many businesses have targets monthly, quarterly. If businessman sometimes feels that he can’t achieve his target, they offer discounts which can help the business to meet the target.

Presently you can purchase the products at your convenience, offline or online but due to hectic schedule and time constraint, many users now prefer online purchasing as compared to offline as they get variety of products at one place without going shop to shop and waste their valuable time, Also in online purchasing you can avail much more discounts with the help of discount coupons and vouchers as compared to offline purchasing.

In today’s market you can get deals on every item whether it is apparel, clothing, home decor, furniture, personal care etc. As we know that the deals seems to be good, beneficial for us but there is darker side as well. Many companies now use this discount strategy to make customers fool by giving them fake deals which means the company showing to customers that they give huge discount on products but in real there is no discount on the product and the innocent customer easily gets trapped. Also many companies sell their old stock or the items which they don’t plan to sell any more on heavy discounts. By providing the sale deals, they increase the selling chances of the product more and fool the customers.

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